Bandwidth Calculations for QOS Codecs

It is 16 Kbps for a G729 packet and 64 Kbps for G711. With overhead about 20 Kbps for G729 and 80 Kbps for G711 – which should be used for your calculations.

G729 = 20 Kbps
G711 = 80 Kbps

Keep in mind this is estimated to help get good calculation for the mount of QoS EF traffic that needs to be configured.

For example, a phone system using G729 with 500 phones:
500 x 20 Kbps = 10,000 Kbps
10,000 Kbps = 1.25 MB/s

So based on the information above, you’d make sure you have dedicated 1.25 MB/s to EF traffic in your QOS Config.

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