Cisco Nexus – VPC L3_VPC_UNEQUAL_WEIGHT in Logs

VPC-2-L3_VPC_UNEQUAL_WEIGHT: Layer3 peer-router is enabled. Please make sure both vPC peers have the same L3 routing configuration

The L3_VPC_UNEQUAL_WEIGHT message is a reminder to ensure that both vPC peers are configured consistently at the Layer 3 level when using the Layer 3 peer-router feature. Cisco NX-OS doesn’t compare the two peers for consistency in Layer 3 configurations; it’s up to you to ensure that both sides are configured identically.

This warning serves as a reminder that having disparate Layer 3 configurations between vPC peer devices could lead to unpredictable behavior, especially when using advanced features like Layer 3 peer routing. However, this message doesn’t necessarily indicate a current problem—it’s more of a preventative message.

If you are confident that the Layer 3 configurations on both vPC peer devices are consistent and find the Syslog message unnecessary or disruptive, you can disable it. The command to do so would be:

config terminal
vpc domain [domain_id]
no layer3 peer-router syslog
write memory

This should suppress the syslog message, making your logs a bit cleaner. However, suppressing the message means you won’t have this periodic reminder to check for Layer 3 consistency between vPC peers. Conduct regular audits or employ other methods to ensure configuration consistency.