Cisco Router Viewing Crash Files

Contents of the Crashinfo File

The crashinfo file contains this information:

*limited error message (log) and command history
*description of the image running at the time of the crash
*show alignment
*malloc and free traces
*process level stack trace
*process level context
*process level stack dump
*interrupt level stack dump
*process level info
*process level register memory dump

Retrieving Information from the Crashinfo File

When a crashinfo is available in boot Flash, this appears at the end of the “show stack” command output.

To view and save the crashinfo file, run these commands:

1. First look for the file:

tpa-rt01# sh flash:
-#- --length-- -----date/time------ path
1     70537868 Apr 1 2014 10:40:40 -04:00 c3845-adventerprisek9-mz.151-4.M4.bin
2      216745 Dec 10 2014 18:34:00 -05:00 crashinfo_20141210-183400-EST
3      214486 Dec 11 2014 06:58:54 -05:00 crashinfo_20141211-065854-EST
4      220190 Dec 11 2014 07:33:42 -05:00 crashinfo_20141211-073343-EST
5      249190 Dec 11 2014 08:04:34 -05:00 crashinfo_20141211-080434-EST
6      211903 Dec 11 2014 09:41:30 -05:00 crashinfo_20141211-094131-EST

2. Now view the file.

TIP: I use PUTTY to save configs. I change the Terminal Length to 0 and then change it back to default 24 after.

term length 0
more flash:crashinfo_20141211-094131-EST
term length 24

On some devices the command might be different. Try: more bootflash:crashinfo_20141211-094131-EST

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