Packet Capture – Free PCAP Files for Learning

There are several repositories and websites where you can find free PCAP files for learning purposes:

  1. Wireshark Sample Captures: The Wireshark website provides a variety of sample capture files in PCAP format. These capture files encompass a range of protocols and scenarios and are ideal for learning. Wireshark Sample Captures
  2. NetRESEC: NetRESEC is a well-known source for network security and forensics resources, and they have a public repository of PCAP files that you can use for learning and research purposes. NetRESEC PCAP Files
  3. Malware Traffic Analysis: This website is focused on network traffic related to malware infections. If you are interested in malware analysis and how malware generates network traffic, this is a great resource. Malware Traffic Analysis
  4. PCAP Repository on GitHub: There are several GitHub repositories that have collections of PCAP files. One of the repositories, maintained by the user Markofu, has various PCAP files from different sources. PCAP Repository on GitHub
  5. PacketTotal: PacketTotal is a free, online PCAP analysis engine. It allows you to upload your own PCAP files for analysis, but you can also explore and analyze PCAP files shared by others. PacketTotal
  6. Digital Corpora: The Digital Corpora site contains various corpora of digital data that can be used for digital forensics education and testing. It also contains some network packet dumps. Digital Corpora
  7. Stratosphere IPS: Stratosphere IPS project has a dataset of PCAP files related to malware and botnet traffic. It’s a valuable resource for those looking to understand the network indicators associated with malware. Stratosphere IPS

Please remember to use these files responsibly, as some of them may contain real network data and should be handled with care to respect privacy and security.