Palo Alto URL Filtering Order

What happens when a URL matches multiple patterns (multiple custom URL filtering categories and allow/block-list) within a URL filtering profile?

When that happens, the category chosen is the one that has the most severe action defined below (block being most severe and allow least severe).

1. block
2. override
3. continue
4. alert
5. allow

For example, if * exists in MyAlertList and MyBlockList simultaneously) within the same URL filtering profile the URL, the action will be “block” and the category name will be “MyBlockList”. This is similar to the original behavior between “allow-list” and “block-list” in that the block-list will be checked BEFORE the allow-list if a URL matches both “allow-list” and “block-list”.

The priority for URL filtering is:
1. block list
2. allow list
3. custom categories
4. cached
5. pre-defined categories

Above I’m pointing out in bold red that “custom categories” have a higher priority than the “pre-defined categories”. This is important to know when building out your URL Filtering profiles.