Saving Cisco Configurations Using Putty and Removing -more-

When saving device configurations using PuTTY, you’ll got a lot of –more–’s in the configuration file and it’s annoying. To remove those, you have to disable pagination.

To disable the –more– or Pagination outputs in the log file run these commands:
Routers & Switches:

terminal length 0

To turn it back on:

terminal length 15


terminal pager 0

To turn it back on:

terminal pager 15


config paging disable

To turn it back on:

config paging enable

Once you disable pagination you can follow the steps below.

1- Launch putty and connect to your Cisco devce

2- Enter the user exec mode (device> enable)

3- Right-click on the menubar and select “Change Settings…

4- Under Session, click on Logging. Go to “Session logging” and choose “All session output”.

For the log file name, choose the path and name you want to give the file.

5- You want to go to the command prompt inside PuTTY and run:

sh run

You’ll notice the config will fly by in the PuTTY screen straight to the bottom because we turned off pagination.

6- Now turn off logging by going to #4 above and click “None” under “Session logging:”.

7- You should now see the file located in the path you chose with the name you chose.