Wireshark Filters

dns.qry.name == “www.cordero.me”
dns.qry.name matches “.cordero.me”
dns.qry.name contains “cordero.me”

tcp.flags.reset == 1
tcp.flags.push == 1
tcp.flags.syn == 1

ip.addr ==
ip.src ==
ip.dst ==

tcp.port eq 53
udp.port eq 53


Traffic type Capture filter(s)  Display filter(s) [wireshark]
RIPv2 udp port 520 udp.port==520
EIGRP ip proto eigrp ip.proto==88
OSPF ip proto ospf ip.proto==89
LDP udp port 646 or tcp port 646 udp.port==646 or tcp.port==646
PIM ip proto pim pim
IGMP ip proto igmp igmp
BGP tcp port 179 tcp.port==179
ICMP ip proto icmp icmp


Wireshark display filter operands

and &&
or or
= ==
protocol and port ip.port==    udp.port==   tcp.port==
source or dest ip ip.src==  ip.dst==
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