Does this count?

Well….I passed the CCIE Routing & Switching Lab just not on the same day. I still feel good I was able to pass this on my own using my home lab and paying for everything out of my own pocket (study materials, lab equipment, flights, hotels, etc…). I started a family at this time so I had little time to keep studying even though I was so close. Maybe someday I’ll give it another try (when my employer will pay for it :o)).  Every person I know who has it and everyone I was talking to when I was up in RTP, all got their attempts paid for by their employer.  They had labs setup at work and were given time to prep for it during the day and after hours.  If I had that, I would of easily passed.


This was my first attempt.  The crazy thing is, the lab was working perfectly fine.  Everything was up and pingable.  So I’m surprised by the scores.  I guess it wasn’t configured the “CCIE Lab” way.


The second attempt hurt.  I had that feeling I nailed it.  I believe the minimum passing score for the troubleshooting section is 70%.  I missed it by two.  I should of probably asked for re-evaluation but I was paying out of pocket and they wanted a ridiculous amount of money to do it.  I also spoke with several people about it and it’s rare someone gets it changed.