F5 Redis Load Balancing Settings

I’m not going to go into too much detail, but I want to point out Redis-specific configs. Redis Sentinal uses a master-slave setup. You want the F5 to know which node is the master and set that node to active. There are two settings I’m going to point out:

1. Monitor settings to detect the Master
2. Killing off all sessions to the node ASAP

The first one done in the Monitor settings. Below you’ll see the send and recieve strings along with the interval/timeouts:

So now you’ll have the F5 failover working based on who’s the master, but there will be an issue with connections not dropping and staying connected even when there’s a failover. This is because the default mode is set to do this. The mode is “none” under the pool settings. I’ll dig more into those in another post, but you want to change this behavior by changing this setting to “reject” in the “Action on Service Down.”

See below:

By setting “reject,” the F5 will kill off both the client and server-side connections immediately. This is something we need for our environment, and it works great.