Palo Alto – Authenticity Assured: Safeguarding Your Network Against Non-Genuine Products

Palo Alto Networks, a renowned global cybersecurity leader, is well-known for its high-quality firewall products. These appliances form the first line of defense in an organization’s network, blocking malicious traffic while allowing safe connections. With such a crucial role to play, these products’ authenticity is paramount. Like other industry leaders, Palo Alto Networks does not provide warranty or support for non-genuine products. Furthermore, services may be terminated if the use of counterfeit products is discovered. This blog post will explore the implications of using non-genuine Palo Alto firewall products and how to confirm their authenticity.

Why Non-Genuine Products?

Non-genuine, often counterfeit, products are generally cheaper than the original ones, making them attractive for businesses with tight budgets. However, their use comes with significant drawbacks, such as substandard performance, potential security risks, lack of manufacturer support, and the absence of a warranty, making them a high-risk option.

The Risks: No Warranty or Support

Palo Alto Networks offers warranties and comprehensive support for its genuine products. This support includes technical assistance, software updates, and warranty service, ensuring the firewall performs optimally and securely. But this vital service does not extend to non-genuine products. Businesses using counterfeit Palo Alto products, thus, forgo this support, leaving them without expert help when issues arise.

The Threat: Termination of Services

The repercussions can be severe if a business is discovered using non-genuine Palo Alto products. Palo Alto Networks reserves the right to terminate services for those found using counterfeit products. This can include license revocation, blocking software updates, and service disconnections, potentially rendering the network defenseless.

Legal Repercussions

The use of non-genuine products can also have legal implications. Counterfeit products infringe upon the intellectual property rights of the original manufacturer. If a business is found guilty of using counterfeit products, it may face legal actions, leading to fines or more severe penalties.

Verifying the Authenticity of Palo Alto Products

To ensure you’re using a genuine Palo Alto firewall, you can verify the product’s authenticity via the Palo Alto Networks CLI:

1. Connect to your Palo Alto Networks firewall via SSH or the console.

2. Run the show system state filter sys.sX.pY.phy command, where ‘X’ is the slot number and ‘Y’ is the port number. For instance, if you want to check the SFP module in slot 1, port 21, the command would be show system state filter sys.s1.p21.phy.

3. Check the displayed information. A genuine Palo Alto SFP module will typically show the vendor name as ‘Palo Alto Networks’ or ‘OEM’ and the vendor part number should match a valid Palo Alto part number (e.g., PAN-SFP-PLUS-SR).

4. If you see any discrepancies, such as an unfamiliar vendor name or part number, contact Palo Alto Networks support or your authorized Palo Alto vendor with the details. They can help verify the authenticity of the product.

> show system state filter sys.s1.p21.phy

sys.s1.p19.phy: { 
'link-partner': { }, 
'media': SFP-Plus-Fiber, 
'sfp': { 
    'connector': LC, 
    'encoding': Reserved, 
    'identifier': SFP, 
    'transceiver': 10000B-SR, 
    'vendor-name': Palo Alto Networks, 
    'vendor-part-number': PAN-SFP-PLUS-SR, 
    'vendor-rev': A, 
    'vendor-oui': 00-00-5E, 
    'vendor-sn': Z3A15CS0001, 
    'wavelength': 850, 
'auto-neg': off, 
'enable': True, 
'flowctrl': off, 
'state': up, 
'speed': 10000,

Remember, while the CLI check can give you useful initial information, it may not catch all counterfeit products, especially sophisticated ones designed to impersonate genuine products closely. Always purchase Palo Alto Networks products from authorized resellers and distributors for absolute assurance of authenticity.


The allure of lower prices can make non-genuine products seem appealing, but the associated risks and long-term financial implications can far outweigh these initial cost savings. Businesses need to be aware of the potential performance issues, security vulnerabilities, lack of support, and risk of service termination associated with non-genuine products. Always opt for genuine Palo Alto firewall products to ensure top-tier protection, reliable performance, robust technical support, and peace of mind provided by the warranty. Remember, when it comes to network security, cutting corners can lead to costly consequences.