Powershell – Find FSMO Roles

To find the Flexible Single Master Operations (FSMO) roles in an Active Directory (AD) environment using PowerShell, you can use the following command:

Get-ADForest | Select-Object SchemaMaster, DomainNamingMaster
Get-ADDomain | Select-Object RIDMaster, PDCEmulator, InfrastructureMaster

The FSMO roles are as follows:

  • Schema Master: Manages updates to the AD schema.
  • Domain Naming Master: Manages the addition or removal of domains in the forest.
  • PDC Emulator: Emulates the behavior of a Primary Domain Controller (PDC) for backward compatibility with older systems and manages time synchronization.
  • RID Master: Allocates unique Relative Identifier (RID) pools to domain controllers for creating security principals.
  • Infrastructure Master: Ensures that cross-domain object references are properly updated.