Useful Windows Terminal Commands

I’ll try to keep adding to this list.

Install APPs:
Install Terminal Client from the command line.

dism /online /Enable-Feature /FeatureName:TelnetClient

Find information about a user like Group Policy and Security Groups:
Default is the user logged in but you can do for other users.

gpresult /v

Show domain password policy:

net accounts /domain

Find users who belong to an AD Group:

net group {GROUP_NAME} /domain

View Applied Policies with the Command Prompt:

gpresult /Scope User /v
gpresult /Scope Computer /v

Display all IP Addresses and more:

ipconfig                :Basic IP Info
ipconfig /all           :Detailed IP Info including Hostname, DNS & DHCP
ipconfig /release       :Releases your IP Address if you're using DHCP
ipconfig /renew         :Renews your IP Address if you're using DHCP
ipconfig /flushdns      :Purges the DNS Cache
ipconfig /registerdns   :Refreshes all DHCP leases and re-registers DNS names
ipconfig /displaydns    :Displays your DNS Cache

Find what DC the user is logged into from their PC/Laptop/Server:

echo %logonserver%
set l   <-This is an L
nltest /dsgetdc:{domain}

Find what user is logged into the PC/Laptop/Server:

Get-WMIObject -class Win32_ComputerSystem -ComputerName {domain_name or IP} | Select-Object Name
query user /server:{domain_name or IP}

Find all the DC’s in a domain:

net group "Domain Controllers" /domain
nltest /dclist:{domain}

Find the AD OU path for a specific user:

dsquery user -samid kcordero
"CN=Kerry Cordero,OU=Users,OU=HQ,DC=cordero,DC=me"

Find group membership for a specific user:

net user {AD_USERNAME} /domain
dsquery user -samid kcordero | dsget user -memberof -expand
"CN=VPN,OU=HQ Distribution Lists,OU=ADSG,OU=HQ,DC=cordero,DC=me"
"CN=BYOD,OU=HQ Distribution Lists,OU=ADSG,OU=HQ,DC=cordero,DC=me"
"CN=Online Storage and Backup,OU=HQ Distribution Lists,OU=ADSG,OU=HQ,DC=cordero,DC=me"
"CN=All Social Media Access,OU=HQ Distribution Lists,OU=ADSG,OU=HQ,DC=cordero,DC=me"

Get FSMO Roles:

C:\>netdom /query FSMO
Schema master     
Domain naming master
RID pool manager  
Infrastructure master
The command completed successfully

Find Domain Info:

wmic ntdomain
ipconfig /all

Find Group Info:

net group /domain
net group [groupname] /domain
net localgroup
net localgroup [groupname]
wmic group

Find User Info:

net user
net user /domain
net user [username]
net user [username] /domain
wmic useraccount

Find Server/Computer Info:

net group "Domain Computers" /domain
net group "Domain Controllers" /domain

Search files that have a specific string in them:

gci -Include *.config -File -Recurse -EA SilentlyContinue | Select-String -Pattern "password"