What I mean by this, is keep an eye out for emails, alerts within the product, etc… for updates.

For example, I just got two alerts from Palo Alto. One was a “What’s New” and the other was about SSL/TLS traffic limited to Amazon S3 buckets. You can see the alert below (the “What’s New” alert is missing because I already clicked on it).


It’s always good to read about the new features but what you really want to pay attention to are any changes that could affect production traffic. When you click on “What’s New“, it takes you to a page that lists all the new features. What you notice while scrolling through it is that there’s a change for the Palo Alto Traps Management Services. Like the alert you saw above stated, there are new URLs that this service will be using and you have to make sure you make these changes. Now if you are using APP-ID like you should, then this would not affect you. In this case if you are using the APP-ID traps-management-service, you are good. If not, this will affect you.

Below would be the changes needed if you were not using the APP-ID:


My point is to always be on the lookup for updates like this because it does happen often. I’m not only specifically talking about Palo Alto, it could be any product.