LOA-CFA in the World of IT and Cloud Networking

What is LOA-CFA?

In IT contexts, LOA-CFA stands for Letter of Authorization - Connecting Facility Assignment. This document is a formal authorization that permits a service provider like Lumen to interconnect with a facility like an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Direct Connect location.


Breaking Down LOA-CFA

1. Letter of Authorization (LOA): This part of the document provides formal authorization for the connection to occur. AWS, for instance, needs to know that the party trying to establish a Direct Connect link is legitimately authorized to do so.

2. Connecting Facility Assignment (CFA): The CFA is the detailed information provided regarding the specific port and circuit identifiers that will be used to make the connection. Think of it as a specific address or identifier for the physical or virtual connection point.

Why is LOA-CFA Important?

1. Security: Ensuring secure and authorized connections is paramount in cloud computing and network connectivity. The LOA ensures that only authorized parties can establish connections, helping prevent unauthorized or malicious connections.

2. Connection Clarity: The CFA ensures that the cloud and network service providers have exact details about where and how the connection will be made. This reduces any potential confusion and ensures a smooth setup process.

3. Streamlined Setup: For enterprises looking to set up something like an MPLS Direct Connect circuit to AWS, having the LOA-CFA simplifies the coordination between the enterprise, AWS, and the service provider (like Lumen). It acts as a guiding document that speeds up the setup process.


In the intricate IT and cloud networking world, precise authorizations and clear communication are vital. In the context of establishing network connections to cloud services, the LOA-CFA plays a pivotal role in ensuring that connections are securely and efficiently set up. Whether you’re an IT professional or a business decision-maker, understanding the importance and role of documents like LOA-CFA can help ensure smooth and secure IT operations.